Actual surveying of the buildings - creation a project documentation

  • Aerial and surface scanning of interiors and exteriors
  • 3D geodetic survey of buildings - topography, altimetry
  • Measurement of building envelopes, volumes, areas, lengths...
  • Creation of precise and detailed design documentation - floor plans, elevations - transverse and longitudinal sections, views
  • Focus on buildings, industrial halls, facades, interiors and exteriors, industrial production plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.
  • Sources for architects, designers, budgeters, etc.
  • Monitoring the flatness of large floors in industrial parks and logistics centres

Recommendations for vintners from aerial photos

  • Identification of the pests on leaf and fruit of the vine
  • Quantification of the damaged area of the vineyard due to weather and pests
  • Monitoring of temporal changes in the development of the vineyard
  • Immediate identification of the impact of spraying on the vines
  • Information about establishing a vineyard: height differences of terrain, the terrain cuts and slope
  • Detecting surface runoff of precipitation on the territory of the vineyard
  • Determining chlorophyll and nitrogen content in the vine
  • Monitoring the content of active biomass in the vine

Monitoring the damage to grasslands


Drones also allow us to objectively measure the quality of grasslands at regular intervals. Using a special multispectral camera and the emitted colour spectrum of plants we can process NDVI (Normalized Vegetation Index), through which it is possible to:

  • detect the condition of the lawn and other vegetation in the sector (flowers, trees, other fauna)
  • monitor the progress of irrigation
  • analyse surface runoff in case of irrigation
  • determine the extent of damage to vegetation due to weather and strong winds,
  • check the grasslands (greens and fairways of the golf resort) after heavy rain.


We lift for 125 kg, parachute like a rescue
Developers of TMGdronity division, the company TENDER MEDIA GROUP, s.r.o., constructed a new type of drone.
Fast access to aerial data via mobile and PC applications
You can review and analyze the processed aerial images from mobile apps for Android and iOS
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