We provide land and aerial inspection services using thermal cameras:

Examples of thermal image visualisation:

Brief process description:

All objects with a temperature higher than absolute zero, i.e. all objects in the known universe emit energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

Since the intensity of electromagnetic radiation depends on the surface temperature of the object emitting radiation, the surface temperature of the object can be determined by measuring the intensity of radiation. And this non-contact temperature detection is the working principle of measurement using a thermal camera. Since the source of such electromagnetic radiation is the thermal motion of particles of which the object is composed, this radiation is referred to as "thermal radiation" in order to distinguish it from other types of electromagnetic radiation that are induced by different causes.

Inspection services involve thermal measurement in the surveyed area and the determination of deviations through a repeated inspection to early identify possible threatening failures. We perform land and aerial assessments of the condition of electric power lines using a state-of-the-art temperature field imaging thermal camera technology. Its temperature sensitivity of less than 0.035°C and +/- 2°C accuracy across the temperature range between - 40°C to +2000°C make us ready for all energy and industrial measurements.

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