Drone making

Developers of TMGdronity division, the company TMG Group s.r.o., constructed a new type of drone that pushes the limits of the use of UAV equipment to new areas

Recent testing of the drone called HELP 007 with two independent control units confirmed that it can pick up with ease and transfer up to a 125-pound load, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen and medical equipment! HELP 007 is weather-resistant, and even fully loaded it can cope with rain, snow, wind, fog or smoke. The motors are designed for more than 100 hours of performance. By combining high-quality fibreglass and carbon springs it is extremely strong and durable. The special design provides tremendous stability when lift-off and landing. This working tool has a built-in remote-controlled winch that can be automatically retracted and unwound over the designated place without landing. In case of an unforeseen event the backup system initiates the firing of the emergency parachute, which in the future will become mandatory for all UAV equipment.

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