Drone making

We can make a drone for you according to your input parameters that will meet your requirements from the skeleton through engines to the layout of gimbals and sensors (FLIR, NIR, PHOTO, CAMERA), together with training and repair and maintenance services.

The developers of TMGdronity, a division of TMG Group, s.r.o. have designed a new type of drone that extends UAV applications to new spheres

Testing has demonstrated that the heavy lifter is able to easily lift and move even 125 kg loads. It is fit to endure any bad weather and cope, even when fully loaded, with rain, snow, wind, fog or smoke. Engines are designed to operate without interruption for over 100 hours. Made of a combination of fibreglass and high-grade carbon materials, the body is extremely strong and rigid. The X8 design confers an immense ascending and descending stability on the vehicle. This work instrument also features an in-built, remotely controlled winch to automatically launch the vehicle over the target location without intermediate landing. Also, interestingly, the drone uses a battery with the same capacity as TESLA electric cars.

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